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AMD’s Reference RX 7600 Board Does Not Fit Some 6+2 Pin Connectors

AMD’s RX 7600 reference design board seems to have a design flaw that might have an effect on some customers, particularly stopping them from totally plugging within the required 8-pin auxiliary energy distribution connector. We did not run into issues working the cardboard on our check techniques and PSUs, however as famous by TechPowerUpsome 6+2 pin connectors might not match because of the surrounding shroud.

If you wish to buy a “Made By AMD” (MBA) Radeon RX 7600 reference card, you could first affirm that your PSU connectors will match. Within the worst case, a 8 pin extension cable, however they will spoil the aesthetics of your constructing. Do not screw the chi, man!

The foundation trigger is lack of house across the 8-pin connector on the board, with a small cutout that will not accommodate among the 6+2-pin connectors that come customary with most energy provides. The particular subject is the locking bump for these additional two pins, which may be blocked by the backplate and forestall the total energy connector from plugging in.

Not totally inserting the connector didn’t trigger any “meltdown” so far as we will inform, in contrast to the NVIDIA and RTX 4090 connectors. It’s because AMD’s RX 7600 design flaw implies that the ability connector will both match or not. Customers ought to at all times make sure that any energy connectors are totally inserted, and a minimum of it is easy to visually confirm in case your 6+2 connector is correctly plugged in. In any case, the 165 W GPU does not put an excessive amount of stress on the ability supply subsystem, in contrast to the RTX 4090 with a 450 W TDP.

TechPowerUp! says that solely 20% of the PCIe energy connectors they’ve are incompatible with the RX 7600 design, but it surely’s arduous to gauge how important that’s. Whereas addressing the problem, Igor’s Lab NVIDIA stated that PCAT energy distribution cables (a device used to measure energy) might not match. (Ours… barely suits, or a minimum of shut sufficient for testing functions.) Native wires from Seasonic energy provides may additionally be affected.

AMD’s plans sell reference MBA RX 7600 playing cards, however at the moment itemizing very quickly. For now, these fashions have been submitted for evaluation solely, so far as we all know. AMD might probably repair the design of the backplate for future manufacturing runs, however a brief repair can be so as to add an 8-pin extender with each buy. For those who’re planning to purchase an RX 7600 card and the problem is affecting you, contact AMD’s assist channel or get a non-MBA mannequin. At present, the corporate has not formally commented on the problem.

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