ASRock Releases Alder Lake-N Mini-ITX, Micro ATX Motherboards

ASRock has revealed the N100M and N100DC-ITX motherboards for small type issue (SFF) programs. The 2 new motherboards make the most of Intel’s low-power Alder Lake-N processors, particularly the N100.

Alder Lake-N, a product of the Intel 7 node (previously often called the 10nm SuperFin course of), is principally Alder Lake with out P cores that caters to entry-level cell units. Nonetheless, energy environment friendly chips with TDPs starting from 6W to 12W are additionally widespread for embedded functions. The N100M and N100DC-ITX use the N100. The quad-core processor is rocking 4 E-cores with a 3.4GHz accelerated clock and 6MB of L3 cache.

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