New AM5 Workstation B665 Motherboards w/ 90 degree socket

New AMD B665 Workstation Motherboards Have CPU Sockets Rotated 90 Degrees

Owned by YouTuber Der8auer shown A pair of latest AMD AM5-based B665 workstation motherboards with a 90-degree socket orientation designed to enhance airflow and enhance compatibility with server-based CPU coolers and chassis. Two new motherboards are Asus Professional WS B665-ACE and Asrock Rack B665 D4U1L.

We do not know a lot about this new B665 socket or these new boards basically. However Der8auer says these are value-driven workstation motherboards with a minimal variety of options. At the least we all know they’ll assist AMD’s 65W Ryzen 7000 collection CPUs.

Judging by the images of each motherboards, they appear to be scaled down variations of B650 chipset motherboards. To avoid wasting value, rear I/O was considerably diminished and a VGA port was added for server functions. It has diminished PCIe connectivity from Gen 5 to Gen 4 on each motherboards, however in response to Der8auer this once more seems to be a motherboard-specific limitation to maintain value down and never a limitation of the chipset. Asus board is an ATX answer whereas ASRock board is a micro ATX answer.

(Picture credit score: YouTube – der8auer EN)

Probably the most distinctive facet of each playing cards is the 90-degree orientation of the AM5 socket, which is just frequent on server platforms and workstation platforms just like the Xeon W3400 collection or Threadripper Professional.

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