New Tears of the Kingdom video shows Zelda doubling down in an interactive world

New Tears of the Kingdom video shows Zelda doubling down in an interactive world

Among the best issues about Breath of the Wild is that it is coming again in an enormous approach. In a brand new preview of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, producer Eiji Aonuma provides 10 minutes of gameplay from the extremely anticipated (to place it mildly) sequel to 2017’s hit recreation.

The video will get a bit low-level fight and a little bit of a hustle, however largely it goes over new methods designed to foster the sort of emergent gameplay that has made Breath of the Wild such a pleasure to discover for thus many individuals.

Within the first recreation, you can glide excessive within the air currents created by burning grass, get struck by lightning in the event you have been carrying steel armor, or cook dinner a steak by throwing meat on the bottom subsequent to a volcano. Most of the recreation’s environmental options have been interactive, and the shrine puzzles specifically pushed gamers to check potential mixtures of talents, objects, and options to search out intelligent options.

Thankfully, all of those are again, and a few are additionally showing within the new recreation. Breath of the Wild launched Stasis and Magnesis, two talents that invite gamers to flex the physics and transfer objects in dynamic methods. In Tears of the Kingdom, we’ll be getting a minimum of two new methods, one for Fuse and one other like this. Known as Ultra Hand.

First, some dangerous information. The brand new gameplay video confirms that Tears of the Kingdom will once more give Hyperlink perishable, destructible weapons that explode after dealing a number of hits with enemies. The excellent news is that gamers can create their very own weapons from gadgets within the recreation world, and hopefully a minimum of a number of of those mixtures are extra sturdy than final time.

With the brand new Fuse skill, Hyperlink can assemble an enormous makeshift hammer utilizing a department and a rock, or create a very lengthy pitchfork by combining a protracted follow a pitchfork (if that is Zelda humor, we’re right here IT). Different mixtures are much less apparent: Combining a monster eye with an arrow creates a goal arrow that may comply with your prey and shoot it out of the sky.

An identical skill known as Extremely Hand permits Hyperlink to take heavy objects and switch them into one thing new. Within the demo, Aonuma demonstrates this by making a wind-powered airboat from some large followers sprawling round Hyrule and a few logs. Evidently the identical skill will enable gamers to create all types of automobiles, together with vehicles and flying machines.

Other than two new fundamental talents, Hyperlink will not have to spend so much of time climbing mountains this time round. Aonuma confirmed off a brand new mobility trick that enables Hyperlink to drift in any space with a ceiling, together with buildings and large caves at many tops of the sport. The emphasis on verticality is adopted by the sky islands we noticed earlier in earlier previews and really excessive environments exterior of it.

The brand new Tears of the Kingdom video packs plenty of promise in a brief 10 minutes. In the event you cherished the environmental puzzle fixing and intelligent interactions in Breath of the Wild, the upcoming recreation – due out Might 12 – seems set to supply a good wider vary of potentialities.

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