Prusa MK4

Prusa Announces Next Generation MK4 3D Printer

Prusa Research announced today It is the long-awaited launch of the Prusa MK4 3D printer, and on paper it appears such as you’re getting a variety of printers to your cash, maybe sufficient to make it into our checklist of finest 3D printers. The $1,099 MK4 is described by Josef Průša as “an open supply 3D printing workhorse with long-term assist”. and the crew has been managing lots of of items for over a 12 months.

The MK4 is a 32-bit STM32 supported motherboard, plus Ethernet entry and extra importantly Enter Sculpting (exact pace management of the movement system) and Stress Development (the filament of the nozzle accelerates, retracts because it decelerates).

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