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Raspberry Pi Lunar Calendar Shows Lunar Cycle with e-Ink Display

Some Raspberry Pi the creations are actually out of this world however that is about as reasonable as a Pi challenge may be. Created by a producer who went to Billydent on Reddit, this lunar calendar makes it attainable to observe the lunar cycle from the security and luxury of your front room. Not solely is it powered by our favourite SBC, it additionally has an e-Ink show that helps save energy.

The concept began when Billydent determined to make a Pi challenge as a present to his spouse. With Mom’s Day approaching, she made a plan to create this ornamental but dynamic lunar calendar as a completely distinctive present. He initially selected to make use of a Raspberry Pi Pico, however discovered the Raspberry Pi Zero to be a lot simpler to make use of in the case of outputting photographs on the e-Ink panel.

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