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Raspberry Pi-Powered Majora’s Mask Flashes With Music

if there’s something Raspberry Pi can do, helps to carry their dream worlds to life. The makers have been recognized to create really incredible Pi-powered creations from inventive work like motion pictures and video video games, from sensible equipment to interactive decor. We’ve got yet another such creation to share with you right now from a producer recognized on Reddit as Aesz14. majora’s maskfrom the online game The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Masksand programmed it to reply to sound with flashing LEDs.

All the mission is run by our favourite SBC, Raspberry Pi. In line with Aesz14, it makes use of 100 particular person LEDs, 2 of that are reserved for the eyes solely. A microphone listens for the triggered sound to vary the colour and brightness of the LEDs. The pitch and depth of the sound will decide the impact in actual time.

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