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TSMC Workers Routinely Asked to Find ‘Bomb’ Notes on Machines: Report

In keeping with Taiwan, TSMC cleanroom employees are routinely tasked with discovering ‘bombs’ in machines. United News Network (UDN). We put ‘bombs’ in citation marks, as workers testing and sustaining tools will discover sticky notes with the phrase ‘bomb’ on numerous parts slightly than probably explosive units.

UDN based mostly its report on chats from nameless TSMC workers on social media, so we’ve got so as to add a pinch of salt to this eyebrow-raising work app. Nonetheless, we perceive that “bomb detection” works like this:

  • A supervisor will disguise sticky notes inside machines which are a part of a daily service/inspection route.
  • Employees who keep and examine the machines will determine and accumulate notes whereas they work on their day-to-day work.
  • If any grade is missed, ‘factors’ are deducted from the employees. Nonetheless, we have no idea how essential optimistic or destructive factors are for workers.

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