uAvionix SkyLine - RotorDrone

uAvionix SkyLine – RotorDrone

uAvionix Introduced an up to date vary of Unmanned Aerial Automobile System (UAS) for Command and Management (C2) Past Visible Line of Sight (BVLOS). This SkyLine The title of the C2 administration platform ecosystem is as follows: multi linkAn industry-first mixture of LTE expertise with broadcast radio frequency (RF) radios that enables dynamic number of the very best radio hyperlink at any given time between LTE, unlicensed Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) frequencies, or aerospace shielded C Band. SWaP on the avionic machine. Designed for built-in operation with the uAvionix SkyLine C2 administration platform, the mixture of muLTElink and SkyLine supplies a self-healing C2 community that may do each. Path Diversity and Link Diversity It eliminates the potential of misplaced connections in large terrain and altitude ranges.

The core of the C2 ecosystem are two fashions of muLTElink Air Radio Programs (ARS). muLTElink915 combines globally licensed aviation LTE with frequency hopping 902-928MHz ISM functionality beforehand supplied by uAvionix’s microLink radio, whereas muLTElink5060 combines world LTE with aviation protected for purchasers with C-band licenses eligible for Management and Non. Combines with 5030-5091MHz C Band. -Payload Communications (CNPC) operations. Every muLTElink additionally permits non-compulsory connection of as much as one exterior CNPC radio to permit simultaneous use of all three frequency ranges, larger energy C Band operations or future radio integrations. SkyLine consolidates present C2 connections and manages and screens the connection high quality of every activated connection, routinely switching on a clean, lossless, and do-before-break (MBB) roaming occasion.



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